Aquila is a world in Pirate101 and is currently the final world visited by the player.




Long before the events of Pirate101, Aquila was home to a massive empire (referred to in current times as "Old Aquila") ruled by the Eagles. The empire spanned much of the Spiral that exists today; however, as time went on, the empire began to crumble, with several nations declaring their independence from their avian overlords. The final crushing blow was dealt with the coming of the age of King Minos- his rule signaled the end of what was once the greatest nation in the Spiral and the birth of one of the most fearsome beasts in all of Aquila- The Minotaur! By the time of Pirate101, Aquila is but a shadow of the great world it once was- Vulture pirates plague the Skyways, countless monsters live in the wilderness, and the snake-like Ophidians still hold the advantage over the Eagles in the war for Troy, which has dragged on for the past 10 years.
Pirate101 Aquila Puppetshow

Pirate101 Aquila Puppetshow

Though Aquila has fallen to pieces, there is still some glory that exists in this world. The Aquilans are famous for the finest cuisine in the Spiral, their warriors are the finest that there is and countless heroes are known and celebrated. (chiefly among them Hawkules, Eagilles and Ulysses, to name a few). Another famous face in the land is Argos- keeper of one of the seven pieces of the Map to El Dorado.

The Pirate goes to Aquila in search of Argos, who ran with Marco Pollo and the player's parents because he has the third piece of the map. The player finds themself in a war between the Eagles and the Ophidians and must end it in order to help the oracle of Aquila find Argos.


  • Valencia has been trying to recreate their home in the image of Aquila, intending to create an empire that surpasses the old Aquila in every single way.
  • Aquila is based primarily on ancient Greece, with some inspirations from the Roman Empire.
  • Aquila means "eagle" in Latin.
  • There is a constellation named Aquila.
  • Aquila is also an optional world in Wizard101.