Captain Horace Avery is famous throughout the Spiral as one of the most successful Pirates in history- he managed to retire with both his fortune and life intact. Avery amassed a heap of plunder during the Polarian War, raiding Monquistan treasure fleets.

Skull IslandEdit

A few years ago, Avery won the stewardship of Skull Island from the Marleybonian governor in a bet. In the years since, Avery has transformed the former Marleybonian colony into the greatest Pirate haven in the Spiral.

Avery offers the player his/her very first quest in-game- he promises the player a ship in exchange for the return of a Jade Amulet stolen by Fin Dorsal, one of his more "willful pirates". The task proves easier said than done (mainly due to The Troggies present near the island), but the player still performs well enough. However, Avery's "ship" proves less impressive than advertised; alas, Avery has held to the letter of agreement, so he can't go back on the deal.

The player then helps reclaim Captain Gunn's treasure; despite resistance from several parties (and the more potent issue of Ratbeard), the player gets the Monkey Chalice back to Avery. It's then that things get interesting.

Cpt Averey

Captain Avery in his office

Avery has a third job for the player- this time, however, it's more delicate. For years, he had been trying to get a trade treaty signed with one of the Imperial Powers- such an occurrence would turn Skull Island into a true republic! With Puerto Mico being a Monquistan colony, which (according to Avery) was run by the Noble House of Ortega- the owners of the Monkey Chalice -a meeting with them could easily result in a trade treaty being forged. Getting to Puerto Mico proves to be the easy part; getting the treaty, however, proves tougher than first realized. The Ortegas fell from power long ago; Monquistan politics are notoriously fluid! Despite this (and other problems), the player gets the treaty signed. Unfortunately, the player takes longer than expected and Avery, losing faith, informs every pirate in Skull Island that the player has found "the mother of all treasure maps"! The player quickly confronts Avery about this; as it turns out, the map to El Dorado (or rather, a part of it) was covering the Monkey Chalice- it was the reason the player was sent for it in the first place. Unfortunately, Fin stole the map piece, so the player has to reclaim it. This proves simple and, for the rest of the game, Avery decides to become the player's partner in finding El Dorado.
Capt A

Captain Avery Founder of Skull Island