If there is a bright center to the Spiral, Cool Ranch is the realm it is farthest from. A stark, beautiful realm of rocky islands and seemingly endless skies, Cool Ranch is a land of desert, cactus and tumbleweeds, a wild realm where civilization can be as fragile as a cool breeze.The proud Bison tribes and the nefarious Toads are the original natives of Cool Ranch- all of the frontier's other inhabitants came here from someplace else. The proud Stallions, distant cousins to the Unicorns of Valencia, came to Cool Ranch long ago and built missions and villages throughout the skyways, but their heyday is long over and now, only Santo Pollo remains. The most recent arrivals are the Chickens, Cranes and other Fowl who came to Cool Ranch from parts unknown- they rarely talk about their homeland, describing it only as "Back East".

A steady stream of bold and enterprising Birds has come to Cool Ranch, hoping to make a new beginning or escape a troubled past. Their skill at industry rivals Marleybone's: the Birds brought locomotives, steam engines and other modern machinery. Life has been hard for the new settlers, however many of the new boom towns soon went bust and the great railroads now stand empty. The honest ranchers and townsfolk keep working from prospecting and ranching. The steady demand for refined food and other niceties has nurtured a bustling mercantile trade for ship captains willing to sail that far.

Cool Ranch is a land of legendary figures: heroes like the Magnificent 7 who are: Wyatt ChirpDuck HollidayBuffalo Bill, Jane CanaryBat MastersonWild Bill Peacock and Billy The Kid. And another legend, the masked hero El Toro, fighting lawlessness and standing up for the humble settlers; but the wild frontier has also fostered terrible outlaws, like Libirdy Valence, El Guapo and the dreaded Duck With No Name. Smugglers and pirates have always been drawn to Cool Ranch- far from everyplace, the dusty realm is an ideal place to hide. Captain Barnabus Blood, one of the most infamous pirates in the history of the Spiral, is said to have built a hidden stronghold somewhere in Skull Island before his well-deserved end. Blood's treasure has never been found.


  • Cool Ranch is based off the American Frontier.
  • Oddly, Cool Ranch is very advanced, even rivaling Marleybone with it's technology with both worlds having researched the steam engine, despite being isolated from the rest of the spiral. It does not really boast much of a presence outside of the world.
  • This is the only World in the game with only one known Stormgate.
  • Cool Ranch has the longest storyline of all worlds in the game, typically taking 20 levels for the average player or a few weeks to finish.