El Guapo is a villain and the leader of the Banditoads and Salamanders that plague the Skyways of Cool Ranch.


It is unknown how long El Guapo has been the head of the Banditoads and Salamanders, but it is apparent that he has been causing all sorts of trouble without the Frogerales doing a thing to stop him or his goons. His gang's favorite place to raid seems to be Santo Pollo, as Friar Cluck states that the bandits "run riots in the streets" while the soldiers stand back and watch. Unbeknownst to the public, El Guapo and Santa Rana- the president of Santo Pollo and the surrounding Skyway -have a deal going: Santa Rana presses near-impossible taxes on his people, while he lets El Guapo and his gang run free and take the money so he can stay in power.

El Guapo has taken up refuge within Banditoad Gulch, a massive fortress that houses bandits from far and wide. After the player destroys all the guard towers that protect the fort, he/she then storms El Guapo's Hideout to finish the job. Luckily, the player gets some help from El Toro and, after a lengthy battle, El Guapo flees in disgrace, though he vows to return.

El Guapo makes his comeback alongside Santa Rana, as the two ambush El Toro (who is really Don Rodrigo) in the De La Vega Manor's Banquet Hall. Naturally, with help from the player and his/her crew, El Toro turns the tables and kills both El Guapo and Santa Rana, bringing their evil ways to an end.


  • El Guapo's name translates to "Handsome" from Spanish.
  • With the death of El Guapo, it is uncertain who leads his bandit gang now. Presumably, one of his lieutenants (either Froggo Villa or Lumpy Varga) has taken control of his criminal empire.