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Ensign Emmett

Emmett, more commonly known as Ensign Emmett, is a companion that the Privateer class receives at the Kraken Skull Tavern, early in the game where they must fight Ratbeard in the cellar. 

Promotion QuestsEdit

His first promotion quest occurs automatically when Emmett reaches level fifteen during the quest Officer Training, after finishing this quest, he is then promoted to an Otter Lieutenant.

His second promotion quest occurs automatically at level thirty seven during the quest The Jade Jar. After finishing this quest, he is then promoted to an otter Commander.

  • First rank
  • Second Rank
  • Third rank


  • He speaks with a distinct whistle in his voice, similar to Gopher from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Unlike other companions, his full name and the name under the main name that gives out his rank changes when promoting him. He is one of the only companions in the game that has there main name and there rank change in there promotion. As it can be noticed that after his first promotion quest, his name changes to Lieutenant Emmett, and his name changes to Commander Emmett after his second promotion.
  • Despite the fact that he is a Privateer, he uses a ranged weapon. However, Privateers can sometimes be found dual-wielding a ranged weapon with a melee weapon, like Handsome Dan. However, strangely, he only wields a pistol and does not use a blade weapon.