Fin Dorsal- Cutthroat Pirate is the thief that stole Captain Avery's Jade Amulet and his Mooshu Falcon. He is the final boss in Skull Mountain and the first boss ever fought in-game. He is encountered in the Temple of Gloom. He is also found in a vortex during the quest The Mooshu Falcon, and he is fought on the Erebus before going to Valencia.

Fin plays a major role in the intro of Pirate101 since he stole Captain Avery's amulet. Later on, it is revealed that he is working for the Armada.

After completing the quest The Rats of Nim, he will be available for purchase in the crowns shop.

This companion can be obtained for 7,495 crowns and is available for all classes.


  • Captain Avery remarks that Fin is one of his more "willful" pirates; in other words, he is a free thinker and does whatever he pleases.
  • Fin appears to be a parody of the actor Vin Diesel portraying his famous movie character, Riddick.  Fin uses weapons similar to Riddick's knives in The Chronicles of Riddick, and his dialogue ("You made three mistakes..") mirrors Riddick's opening lines in that movie.
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    Fin in the first Encounter