Flotsam is an island and a location in Pirate101. A hand-built island forged of several wrecked ships and kept together with a myriad tangle of walkways, ropes and nets, Flotsam is definitely a noteworthy place to visit. This island is one of the locations visited early on in-game by players as they hunt down Ratbeard.


Though it is unknown when, before the events of Pirate101, Flotsam was built by combining countless derelict ships (both standard sailing ships and the more modern steam engine ships). The end result was a massive, floating condominium complex that was as diverse as the amount of people and species that resided there. Creatures from all walks of life- Humans, Water Moles, Wharf Rats, Mice, Frogs and even the occasional Dogs, Pelicans, Foxes, Oni and Rabbits from Grizzleheim -have made their home here.


  • Flotsam is, in some ways, like the United States of America during the immigration era, due to the multitude of species (representing the many nationalities that came to America for a bitter life) that exist there.