Health globe

Health and Mojo are displayed at all times on the bottom left of the screen in globes with numbers on them. The higher level your Pirate is, the higher your maximum health may be. But you can use items (such as robes, boots, hats, etc) to boost your health.

Health and Refilling healthEdit

If your health reaches below 0 during a battle, your pirate has been defeated. However, the battle will not end. But If a player is defeated but his/Her team wins the battle, the player will automatically return to 1 point of health after the battle. If all of the player's companions health bar were to go down to zero, you will be transported to the Life Fountain you were last bounded to. However, because of some updates done by Kingsisle Entertainment, the companions that were defeated must rest before they will be able to fight anther battle.

Refilling HealthEdit

Regeneration of your health occurs automatically when you are in neutral locations, though this is a very slow process. You can see this by the green numbers that continually appear over your pirate's head in these locations. Mojo does not recharge this way. Red Yum Yum Fruits are small, flying red fruits that your character can capture, or absorb simply by walking through them. You can find red Yum Yum fruit all over the spiral.

Refilling MojoEdit


The Left one Mojo fuit and the right health fruit

Blue Yum Yum Fruits are small, flying blue pieces of fruit that your pirate or ship can capture, or absorb simply by walking/sailing through them. You can find Blue Yum Yum Fruit all over the spiral, and you must have at least one Mojo Potion to start collecting them. The first few areas in the game have no blue yum yum fruit.  You can also use Minigames to fill your mojo, and You ship Health.  The big globe with blue fluid at the bottom right represents your Ship's Health. Your Ship's Health only appears when unbottling a ship at a dock, or anytime sailing the Skyways. Your Ship's Health will decrease when an enemy ship damages you in Broadside CombatIf your Ship's Health reaches 0 during battle, your ship has been defeated, and your pirate will return to the last Life Fountain you bounded to. Using a Wheel Power (pressing the "3" hotkey) will heal your ship during battle, so it is reccomded to equip one. Regeneration of your Ship's Health can happen once you are safe away from enemies! You can gain health faster if you have your anchor out on a Windlane.