Companion-Mormo-Water Mole Witchdoctor

Mormo- Water Mole Witchdoctor

Mormo - Water Mole Witchdoctor is the third companion Witchdoctors obtain during their first visit to the Kraken Skulls Tavern, he has the power called Hoodoo Touch and the ability Coward's Bane.

Promotions Edit

Mormo is promoted at level 15 into Mormo - Water Mole Spirit Caller, this quest mainly runs through Skull Island, after his promotion you get to pick 2 new abilities for him and he gains the power called Vulture's Gift. At level 37 he turns into Mormo - Water Mole Obeah. It runs through cool ranch and mooshu. After this promotion his hoodoo touch turns into muntineer's grasp and you get one more epic ability.

After completing the quest: Bad Company, you will be able to buy the water mole witchdoctor called Uga Buga - Water Mole Witchdoctor, he is available to all classes.


Companion-Mormo-Water Mole Spirit Caller

Mormo- Water Mole Spirit Caller