• Old Scratch Undead Witchdoctor, this is his first appearance
  • Old Scratch - Undead Bokor, this is Old Scratch's second appearance after his first promotion
  • Old Scratch - Undead Houngan, this is Old Scratch's third and final appearance after his second promotion quest
Old Scratch is both an enemy and a companion.


Before the events of Pirate101, Old Scratch learned the ways of the Witchdoctor from Papa Legbones- a Water Mole witchdoctor that lived in territory that would later be claimed by privateers from Marleybone. As is expected to happen to everyone, Old Scratch perished..

However, his death was but a minor setback. Dark Crawler- a malevolent being from the Spirit World that took the form of a scorpion -came before Old Scratch and offered him a second life (albiet as an undead creature). Forgetting the ways of his teacher, Old Scratch walked down a dark path and began resurrecting the corpses of every single pirate that he could in the graveyard that he was buried in.

By the time that the events of Pirate101 have begun to come around, Old Scratch is the leader of a fairly sizeable army of undead creatures (namely Skeletons and Zombies). The player ends up entering Old Scratch's domain during the search for the lost treasure of Captain Gunn. Old Scratch doesn't take kindly to the intrusion of living beings and promptly attacks. In the ensuing fight, Old Scratch loses and, fearing a second death, begs the player to spare him. Though one of the player's companions is uncertain of whether or not Old Scratch is trustworthy, the captain decides to give Old Scratch the benefit of the doubt.

Old Scratch is quick to prove his worth, as his knowledge of his local graveyard allows the player to continue the search for Gunn's gold. Old Scratch continues to prove himself to the player as he temporarily resurrects deceased characters (i.e. Captain Gunn, a Monquistador Captain, Don de La Vega, etc.).


Like all companions, Old Scratch's colors will be changed as your companion depending on your own colors.

Old Scratch- Undead Witchdoctor = He has a sash wrapped around his head, and a wand. He carries some sort of amulet.

Old Scratch- Undead Bokor = His right eye is replaced with a gem (the Eye of the Serpent, which will change color depending on the color he has on.) He also wears a larger sash with a necklace with sharp bones on it around his head and a vest. His left hand carries a hook.

Old Scratch - Undead Houngan = A magician's hat is added onto Old Scratch's head. Black tattoes are also added onto his body. The gem and sash are kept. He also has a larger wand, looking more like a staff. His hook on his left hand is replaced with a golden hook.