Pirate101\Wizard101: Dimensions

Developer{s}: Virtuos

Publisher{s}: Activision

Platform{s}: Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4,PlayStation Portable

Release Date{s}:  NA: November 17, 2013


'Captain Avery has been kidnapped by the evil Wharf Rats and being thrown into the Stormgate to Wharfratton, Giselle's blueprints mapped the coordinates to Wharfratton with Malistaire and Morganthe and a fleet of Wizard101 Navy Ships to lock the Stormgate to Wharfratton, with many of Giselle's friends helping to save the spiral from Hooligan and his Wharf Rat minions.


Similar to Skylanders, Includes a Pirate and Wizard character  attacking enemies, exploring vast lands. More bosses will be confirmed by only 1 has been announced, More information will be confirmed in GDC 2013 and E3 2013

Confirmed LevelsEdit

A level with Wharf Rats inside Captain Avery's Office.

A level that takes place in a cave with Wharf Rats.

A swamp level with Drowned Zombies.

A Ship-to-Ship level with Troll Mercenaries, it is seen in the trailer that Frank Cranes is taking on a herd of trolls.

A level that takes place in Skull Mountain with O'Leary Scroungers and O'Leary Ruffians.

A Grizzleheim-themed level with Wharf Rat Rakes.

A Volcano-themed level with Mouse Swashbucklers and O'Leary Ruffians

A Laboratory Level With Wharf Rats and the O'Leary Brute

Confirmed EnemiesEdit

Rat Brigand

Rat Scoundrel

Wharf Rat Squirt

Wharf Rat Rake

Mouse Swashbuckler

Troll Mercenary

Drowned Zombie

O'Leary Scrounger

O'Leary Ruffian

Confirmed Playable CharactersEdit


Frank Cranes



Sir Guy Gascoigne

Morgan LaFitte

Confirmed Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Mr. Gandry


Gothric Honorbound

Merle Ambrose

Confirmed BossesEdit

O'Leary Brute