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In the game, at at least level 7, you go to a dungeon called The Presidio. There, you meet a person locked up in a cell. He says you're a lot like your parents, and that he sailed with your parents for years. Eventually, the person becomes your companion. This companion is actually chosen at the beginning of the game. How do you get the companion you want? This guide will help you!

Presidio CompanionsEdit

In the beginning of the game, Boochbeard and Gandry ask you how your parents died. 

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  The choice you make will determine which Presidio companion you will get later on in the game. (Note: They are all recruited at the same level.)

  • Giant Squid: Birgus Latro: Crab Thug: Buccaneer - Vengeance Strike
    Promotion 1: Crab Bodyguard 
    Promotion 2: Crab Soldier 
    Promotion 3: Crab Champion
  • Lost: Lucky Jack Russell: Dog Pirate - Privateer- Blade Storm
    Promotion 1: Dog Privateer 
    Promotion 2: Dog Corsair
    Promotion 3: Dog Windjammer
  • Mutiny: Dead Mike: Undead Pirate: Buccaneer - Riposte
    Promotion 1: Undead Revenant
    Promotion 2: Undead Avenger
    Promotion 3: Undead Vindicator
  • Armada: Gaspard de Vole: Guinea Pig Guard: Buccaneer - First Strike
    Promotion 1: Guinea Pig Buccaneer 
    Promotion 2: Guinea Pig Mercenary 
    Promotion 3: Guinea Pig Halberdier
  • Thunderstorm: Milo Graytail: Rat Brigand: Swashbuckler - Cheap Shot
    Promotion 1: Rat Rapscallion 
    Promotion 2: Rat Scoundrel 
    Promotion 3: Rat Plunderer