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Rooke in Marleybone

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is a boss in Marleybone, one of the elite clockworks of Kane's inner court, and the general of the Armada. He also serves as the final boss in the first trek into Marleybone.


Rooke first appears in MooShu, doing business with General Tso. He takes Egg Foo Yung's piece of the Map to El Dorado, which had been stolen by Ninja Pigs, just before the player catches General Tso. He commends the player for defeating Deacon, his brother, a deed that seemed "impossible". Biding General Tso farewell, he openly states that he doubts the General will finish the player off before departing for Marleybone.

By the time the player reaches Marleybone, it is learned from Bishop's battle plans that Rooke intends to ambush the Royal Navy from Hammamitsu (which is in Mooshu) while they are focuing on the Isle of Fetch, destroying any remaining forces that Marleybone has, forcing the whole country into surrenduring. However, thanks to the player's efforts, not only is Beachead- a massive Armada Sky Station -dismantled, but Marleybone also gains the aid of Kurghas in the war against Valencia and Admiral Nelson is able to turn the tables on Rooke in the Battle of Trafalgar, simultaneously dismantling the Executioner- the Armada's personal dreadnought. Despite this, Rooke intends to kill the Admiral and, by extension, cripple Marleybone's leadership.

WARNING: Rooke has a move where he deflects the basic attack of a musketeer and sends it flying so it hits that players ally, known as "Rookechet", a play-on words of Ricochet. A guide to ALL of his special attacks is listed below. However, special powers, like musketeers bombs, and special shots, can still effect him, normal attacks, will not effect him and will instead hurt you, or your companions/allies.

Rookechet: Attacks by a shooty type weapon will deflect off of his shield and hit you, your companions, or your allies.

Swift Retribution: hits you before you can cast a spell.

Overprotection: If you approach Rooke instead of him approaching you, he will knock you back 2 spaces.

Castling: If he is next to another armada soldier, they will castle, meaning they increase each other's armor.

Counter Gambit: A lot like relentless, but is more like a blade storm for all hits, not just critical ones.

He is fought twice in a vortex in a 1.5 hour dungeon and the end of the dungeon. It appears he blows up in a fiery explosion.

Valencia part 2Edit

Once rooke is destroyed, Rooke was eventually replaced with Commander Typhon, who came because of the danger posed to Cagliostro, the mastermind of the Resistance. Kane did not want Cagliostro dead, so kane, thinking that Cagliostro's life was in danger, sent Rooke's replacement to deal with whatever threat was present. However, this was a trap set up by the genius himself. Once the player arrives, he/she swiftly deals with Typhon with almost no effort.

Once the player reaches the Machine, he/she realises that Kane has rebuilt not one, but TWO Rookes to fight the Player Character! This makes a fight with kane be harder than it really is for any Musketeer. However; Kane and his court are still defeated, ensuring that both Rookes are permanently destroyed. For now that is.