Scrimshaw is an area in Skull Island and is one of the areas that the player visits during their search for Ratbeard during the beginning of Pirate101. Scrimshaw is a small town with an enormous skeleton of an unknown creature surrounding it.


Scrimshaw was created when the ship, Pequod, attempted to outrace a giant Leviathan- the terror of the skyways. No Leviathan this massive had been seen before nor since. The crew of the Pequod was clever, though. They spied a rocky shore and steered toward it, hoping the beast would die if it were impaled on the rocks. As the Pequod flew through the rocks, the Leviathan was caught. The brave sailors' plan had worked! Unfortuantely, it came at a cost. The Leviathan was able to catch the Pequod in its massive jaws before it died. The crew was trapped as well.

Years later, the Leviathan had rotted away, nothing but bones left. Wharf Rats, seeking refuge, began sailing into the same rocky landscape the Pequod thought would save it. The Wharf Rats were luckier and were able to hide in the Leviathan's remains. Over time, a city rose up around the beast's corpse. This city is known around the Spiral as Scrimshaw.

The Wharf Rats have turned Scrimshaw into the most infamous port in the Skull Island region. It has become a lawless hive of scum and villainy that only the brave dare to walk alone. Three primary gangs have sprung up in Scrimshaw: The Rat Pack, the Rats of Nim and the Bilge Rats. These gangs have spread their influence throughout the skyway, terrorizing anyone who gets in their way.




  • Scrimshaw means to carve small intricate pictures into things such as whale bone. There are many of these carvings in the Leviathan's bones, which is why the city is named Scrimshaw.
  • There is a rumor that the rat gangs will be uniting. While this is unlikely, many are cautious of it. If such an event were to occur, it would be terrible news for everyone in the Spiral.