Skull Island
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The isles of Skull Island offer much to entice merchants and colonists: exotic fruits, spices, and timber draw high prices in markets across the Spiral, offering a fortune to any captain brave and resourceful enough to ship or smuggle them out. In the deepest jungles, crumbling ruins stand as remnants of a forgotten past. These ruins are the most dangerous places in Skull Island, but also the most tempting- the crumbling temples are adorned with solid gold!

Too far from the center of the Spiral for the great powers to exert much control, most of Skull Island is ruled by the Pirates themselves- crews, gangs, and other factions have taken over failed colonies or built new ramshackle cities of their own: Jonah Town, Flotsam, Scrimshaw ,The temple of gloom and Skull Island itself, Captain Avery's Pirate capital.

Skull Island World

Skull Island skyway maps combined. Made by Arcane from Pirate101 Central.

The southern Skyways of Skull Island are dominated by Pirates, while the north features two great colonies: the thriving Monquistan city Puerto Mico and the Marleybonian colony of Port Regal. Monquista owes its entire rise to the gold the Monquistans found in the ancient ruins, while the Dogs of Marleybone work tirelessly to corner the spice market. Their power broken long ago, the Cutthroats still prowl the shipping lanes, making as much trouble as they can, while Wharf Rats smuggle all manner of cargoes in and out of Skull Island, building a huge black market.

Trivia Edit

  • Skull Island is based off of North America, and the West indies during the age of exploration, and the golden age of piracy for several reasons:
  1. Some of America was originally a colony to England, later known as the Kingdom of Great Britan, Skull Island was originally a Marleybone colony.
  2. Skull Island

    Skull Island

    Like America, Skull Island is home to several ancient temples (a clear reference to the Aztecs and their ruined empires).
  3. Just as Spain and Portugal reached America before any of the other great powers (i.e. England, Netherlands, France, etc.), Monquista was the first to reach Skull Island.
  4. Just as Spain had Puerto Rico and England had Port Royal in the Caribbean, Monquista has Puerto Mico, Marleybone has Port Regal.

  • Skull Island is often used to describe a fictional island first appearing in the 1933 film King Kong.