Buccaneer Class Badge

The Buccaneer is a sturdy warrior who relies on brute strength to overcome his enemies. He wears the heaviest armor and carries the biggest weapons. What The Buccaneer lacks in grace or finesse, they make up for with raw courage. Withstanding enemy attacks is the key to The Buccaneer's strategy.

The Buccaneer is equivalent to Thamaturges, or ice wizards in Wizard101, and Diviners, or storm wizards in Wizard101, as they are the toughest but with more drawbacks, like less accuracy, for example. As The Buccaneer, your Pirate is strong and tough! You can wear the heaviest armor and wield the biggest weapons in the Spiral. The Buccaneer's signature power, Blade Storm, gives your Pirate an extra attack if they drop an enemy in combat. Buccaneers start the game with a Battleworn Spear, the Mighty Strike Power, and Kobe Yojimbo as a companion.

Specialties and AttributesEdit

If you're a buccaneer, your pirate has very good strength and is tough! You wear the heavier gear and have possession of the biggest weapons in the spiral! Your signature power, Blade Storm, gives your pirate an extra attack if they drop an enemy in a fight.

 The Tough Swordsman, Mordekai (Buccaneer Trainer)Edit


The Tough Swordsman of Mordekai

He is the most dreaded swordsman on Skull Island! He is the last of the hammerhead clans that used to dominate Skyway. Captain Avery freed him from prison more than 20 years ago. Ever since then, Mordekai has been a follower of Avery. He is from Skull Island and serves as Avery's body guard! The home of this Buccaneer is Skull Island.