The Polarian War is a major naval conflict and a massive part of the history of Pirate101.


Before the events of Pirate101, following the Penguin Revolution in Polaris, the new Emperor of Polaris, Napoleguin, had become drunk with power. Believing himself to be undefeatable, he rebuilt the Polarian Navy from the ground up and turned on his allies that helped him take over Polaris- Monquista, Marleybone and Valencia. Naturally, with an improved navy and his already impressive tactical mind, Napoleguin proved a formidable opponent and destroyed his enemies with ease. It didn't take a genius to realize that, if Napoleguin wasn't stopped, the Spiral would be torn apart.

Polarian War

Napoleguin's downfall.

However, all "good" things must come to an end... and they did. Napoleguin was eventually defeated by a combination of betrayal by some of his own troops, a Marleybone revolt in his backyard and the attack of the recently created clockwork Armada. They turned the tide, arrested Napoleguin (and subsequently threw him into Fort Elena), and otherwise calmed the Spiral.

Known fightersEdit

  1. Captain Avery
  2. Mr. Gandry
  3. Boochbeard
  4. Napoleguin
  5. Morgan LaFitte, as a spy.
  6. Ol' Fish Eye


  1. Marleybone
  2. Valencia
  3. Monquista
  4. Polaris
  5. The Armada (late arrivals and technically part of Valencia)