The Presidio
is a dungeon for players on late part of level seven and/or early level eight. It's a Monquistan fort containing spices that the Frogfather wants. You'll enter a secret dock, fight a couple times, and finally enter the room with the spices. The spice door is locked. While adventuring around searching for the key, you'll meet your parent's first mate, depending on how they died. You'll escape with the spices and first mate. When you return to the Frogfather, you will get the first mate as a companion and the Frogfather will give you your parent's old ship.



  • Captain Santiago- El Nebuloso's right-hand, Captain Santiago is one of the finer soldiers stationed at the Presidio. His skill with an axe is second only to the commander's. He commands great respect from the soldiers beneath him and is not easily stopped.
  • El Nebuloso- The commander of the Presidio, El Nebuloso is a powerful Monquistador and holds the keys to every door in the place. A final confrontation with the commander is inevitable if this dungeon is to be completed.