Book 1, Chapter 0Edit

This is a storyline quest!

Requirements: Complete A Pirate's Life For You

Given by: Bonnie Anne

Given location: Skull Mountain


  1. Defeat 3 Troggies (Either Troggy Hunter, Troggy Shaman, or Troggy Warrior)
  2. Talk to Lt. Smollet

Hand in: Lt. Smollet.


  1. XP: 115
  2. Bonnie Anne - Fox Musketeer

Leads to:

  1. Troggy Artillery
  2. Lost and Found (side quest)

Quest DialogueEdit

Bonnie Anne: Avery sent ye? Good- ye've come just in time! That Fin, he's a wily one! He riled up the Troggies till they're mad as badgers! The slimy devils raided us last night - took half our powder stores. Now they're flingin' it back at town! We're trying to fight back, but there's too many of them! Soften 'em up a bit, and I'll help ye find Fin. Report to Lieutenant Smollet after.

Lt. Smollet: (After fighting the 3 Troggies) Smartly done, Pirate! Now we'll show these croaking fiends the error of their ways.

Bonnie Anne: Well done indead - ye're good to have around in a fight. I said I'd help ye find Fin, an' I'm a girl o' me word. Do ye have room for another on your crew, Captain?