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Puppet Show Duck of Death-3

Puppet Show Duck of Death-3

William the Duck, otherwise known as English Bill, or the Duck of Death, is a boss in Cool Ranch and an ally of Deacon, spymaster of the Armada. He should not be mistaken for the Duck With no Name, a boss encountered during a sidequest.


The birds came to Cool Ranch from an area known as "Back East" to find better lives and riches. William was one of those birds. William sought riches, but did not find any. However, this would soon change when Marleybone had followed the birds to Cool Ranch. They brought all of their wealth, steam engines, and railroads with them. They were hungry for gold, and needed huge amounts of land to build their gold mines. As stated by Thunderbird, "William Duck won the lands for them". He led Marlybone soldiers to force the bison off of Great rock, and forced his fellow birds off of their farms. Later, William took the dogs' ways as his own, and he was then known as English Bill. The dogs promised Bill huge amounts of wealth. However, he was decieved by the dogs. As stated by Thunderbird, "The dogs spoke wicked lies." After one of the railroads exploded, Marleybone broke all treaties they had made with Bill, raided his home, and took everything. He later had found out that the Zephyr engine was built by liars, and theives. He was filled with rage. Bill bought a pair of pistols and took revenge on the theives that cheated and scammed him. The dogs did not like this, and they eventually wanted him for his crimes. Bounty hunters from the entire spiral came to capture Bill for his crimes. Bill was forced to flee to Darkmoor. The hunters tried to follow him, but failed.

Bill later found a demon likely grandfather spider while exploring a cave, and foolishy, he sold his soul to it for his vengance. The demon took his life in exchange, and possesed English Bill.

All that remains of him is The Duck of Death, Restiant to all harm, immortal, and evil. All but one type of harm, blessed silver, Thunderbird tells the player that He/she will need silver bullets in order to harm him.